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Why church? Love Will Not Stand for the Status-Quo

God turns a desert into pools of water, a parched land into springs of water. The upright see it and are glad; and all wickedness stops its mouth. Let those who are wise give heed to these things, and consider the steadfast love of God. Psalm 107: 35; 42-43

I spend a lot of time with folks who have no interest in the Bible, less interest in Jesus, and zero interest in the church. I’m not surprised. Too many “christians” have done so many hateful, despicable, and disgusting things since the time of Jesus, it is understandable.

I’m just as outraged as my secular friends at the violence done – in the name of Jesus (?!) – to humans all over the globe, creatures of all sorts, and to the earth itself. In fact, I think it is blasphemy to say that you worship a God who is the Creator of all and then destroy that creation through greed, violence, and human hubris.

So why church? Why continue with a faith tradition that has so much to answer for? Why continue to read the Bible and pray? I cannot speak for anyone else, but I stay for the love because I believe that God is love and Jesus is love in human form and that the Holy Spirit makes me more loving.

Love does not stand for the status-quo. Love always demands we do better, care more, work for the health and well-being of all – including all the plants and creatures that depend upon this gorgeous planet.

Going to church then for me is entering a love laboratory where I can practice love for others and the world and learn to follow Jesus who loved the unloveable, brought healing to the untouchable, and suffered unspeakable violence just to prove that God is love. Always love.

If we say we are followers of Jesus, I believe that we are then supposed to embody this love. I am always delighted when I recognize the love of Jesus at work in the world.

Where do you see love at work in the world? What inspires you to love more?

Today’s inspiration for me comes from the world of permaculture. In this video, a lost oasis in the Arizona desert created by the love and intelligence of a previous generation is found again. (Don’t be put off by having to do a free sign-up, the video is worth it!) Let it inspire you and may we all be better lovers of God’s good creation.

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